Property Cost Systems

Your partner in reliable, affordable energy

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Deregulated Utilities Experts

We constantly monitor industry costs and policies so we can negotiate with suppliers to get you the best pricing and services.


Your energy needs change. Market conditions change. We continually work with you and with electricity and natural gas suppliers to make sure that your needs are met by taking the best possible advantage of the current market.

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Flexible Tailored Solutions

PCS is more than a Utilities Consulting Firm--we are your partner, working with you to develop and provide cost-effective electricity and natural gas purchasing services to meet your needs.


From negotiating with suppliers to purchasing to billing, we provide the services you need to supply your business or community with the best energy and services at the best possible price.


Working with both small and very large properties, we develop the perfect package to get our clients the best prices on energy and to ensure that services and billing process are timely and clear.

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Industry Leaders
Since 1989

We worked for deregulation long before it became a reality, and we haven't stopped working since then. Our team of experienced experts navigate the challenging waters of the deregulated energy market, leaving you to sail with confidence.


For more than 20 years working in the deregulated energy market, we have continually been at the forefront of providing first rate service by focusing on each customer's specific needs, and tailoring a fluid plan for each of them according to the changes of the market.

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