We Handle Your Business

with the same care that we handle our own.

Our Guarantee

We started PCS in 1989 with a simple philosophy. If our products are viewed as market commodities, then we must lead in providing our customers with premium service. That approach has proven its value again and again over the years. Our first customer is still a customer and each new account receives the same personal attention to ensure the greatest value for their business through the years and an ever changing marketplace. This dedication to providing industry leading customer care in our markets guarantees that our customers get the best rates, best available product and tailored options that fit their needs every step of the way. We can't control what happens in the utilites market, but we can ensure that our customers experience consistent, stable and expert care from their energy brokers. Our hope is that once you experience The PCS Advantage, you'll be a customer for life.

Products & Services

PCS specializes in brokering utilities packages for apartments buildings and other high-density residential properties in Texas and Illinois. If you want to find out how we can help save you money on your utilities, contact us today


Pre-contract services
  • Reconcile property accounts with prior billings and ERCOT account listings to ensure that all accounts are included in pricing requests
  • Reconcile account histories received from utilities to ensure that the accounts included are correct
  • Review historical usage data for anomalies in usage that could alert us to issues or impact contract benchmark quantities
  • Work with owner/asset manager to understand special circumstances or needs that impact the selection of the best products/services to fit those needs
  • Prepare report to owner/asset manager summarizing pricing, differences between contract terms included in supplier’s prices, savings versus prior billing as well as to recommend contract term and supplier,
  • Work with owner/asset manager to establish reasonable benchmark quantities.
Contract Process
  • Coordinate preparation of contract documents and review for accuracy
  • Review executed documents to ensure that all are complete and correct
  • Follow up with supplier to ensure that contract is received and booked
Post-Contract Support
  • Prepare account set up including bill consolidations, billing addresses, tax exemptions, etc.
  • Interface between owner/management company and supplier on procedures for account switches
  • Interface with supplier to get existing units switched to new CSA if switching suppliers.
  • Interface between owner/management company and supplier on procedures for billing questions and issues
  • Work with owner/asset manager to answer questions, get information and to resolve any issues that arise